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Posted 11/20/2016
Author Dino Valle
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Three Artists from Bellini Opera Theatre of Michigan, Soprano Eva Evola, Tenor Aaron Caruso, and Baritone Dino Valle, will be performing in Ceprano on Saturday, July First, at 8:00 pm; in concert, “Omaggio alla mia Terra”. The concert will be held at Chiostro of San Antonio, Via Alfieri, Ceprano.  

Mr. Antonio Vittigli, is assisting with the preparation, and Pianist Dario Conti will accompany the group.

Sunday July 2 Eva Evola & Aaron Caruso will receive the Premio Rocca D’oro in Serrone near Rome. The Group will then drive on to Rome for a concert at Chiesa Madonna del Popolo in piazza del Popolo on July 4th.  The concert will be named: “What America Means to me” in honor of the Americans who sacrificed their life to keep USA free.

General Carlo Felice Corsetti, from the Carabinieri Force, the US Ambassador, Monsignor Giuseppe Blanda, members of Rome’s Rotary Club,  as well as guests from the Vatican will Attend the concerts.

Both concerts, “Omaggio alla mia Terra & What America Means to me” will include Patriotic American and Italian songs, selections from the Bel Canto Italiano, Operatic, and Neapolitan Songs.

We will be printing a 5 X 8 keepsake program book which will include the sponsors, artists and the people that made our concerts a success. To display an ad or sponsor in these program books for these two concerts, please contact Dino Valle at Email: or

 Phone 313 702 9264  


Dino Valle

Artistic Director, Bellini Opera


Bellini Opera Theatre of Michigan is a 501c3 Organization.


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