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Thank You Letter
Posted 1/31/2015
Author Bellini Opera Foundation
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On behalf of the Officers, Board of Directors, and Patrons of Bellini Opera, thank you for sponsoring the many programs that we presented to our community in 2014.Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

From Jan to April 2015, Bellini Opera Will partner with Southwest Florida Italian Opera Society, performing for Naples Italian American foundation, Italian Cultural Society, Collier County Libraries and a special Mass and Concert at the Ave Maria Oratory on Thursday March 19, from 12 -2 pm The feast of  Saint Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
From May to December Bellini Opera will be giving many concerts and recitals.  Eva Evola & Friends at  Andiamo Celebrity Show Room, Thursday October 23 2015,
Freedom Hill  Festa Italiana  2015  Traverse City Opera house August 28 -29-30    

In order to continue our programs, we need your financial assistance for these costly productions
Your subscription gift will insure the continuation and success of Bellini Opera bringing our community exceptional Musical events.

May God Bless you this new year with an abundance of  joy, happiness and prosperity

Rosolino Lo Duca President- Dino Valle Artistic Director


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